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Oni and Socrates by Nookster Oni and Socrates by Nookster
Oni and Socrates June 25, 2005.
Chikoo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2007
Im surprised its sort of grainy. But anyway it made me think, I have photos with oni & socks i think, and a few with fred and oni, laying back to back or near each other like that. But oni doesn't lay near our other cat. I wonder if it's because she's female? or if they just don't really get a long.
I can't even tell if they're playing or fighting half the time.
But I think that's sort of interesting.
And man I miss socrates.
Nookster Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2007
I've read that with cats generally same-sex cats get along less well than opposite sex. I think when it comes down to it though they all have their own personalities just like people.

When I was a teenager my sister had a female cat that got along relatively well with people, except she really hated to have her belly messed with. If you had a desire to be shredded, just try to pet her belly. She attacked anything that moved other than people including other cats, dogs, and not in a playful way like Fred, but in a "I want to kill you for being in my territory" kind of way".

As far as graininess, that wasn't a high-end camera (I've never owned a high end camera) and the sensor was a bit noisy to start with. Then there is a trade off between detail, contrast, and grain. I could have made the grain less visible if I settled for a less sharp lower contrast image.

I found a bunch of photos I thought had been lost so I was happy even to find these (also some photos of Fred after a bath with his hair all wet and matted and that general drowned rat look). I am going through those, trying to organize and clean them up the best I can.
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